The Ocean Aquarium Difference; Design – Project management – Construction – Operations

Ocean Aquarium specialises in realizing living attractions that educate and entertain. Ocean Aquarium is the only company in the region and one of only a few in the world that can deliver public aquarium sized aquariums, terrariums and zoological exhibits from concept to completion.

Safari Theming and Rockwork Production
Altinoluk Quarantine and Acclimation Facility
Istanbul Quarantine and Acclimation Facility
Oceantech LSS and Sea Salt
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Our experienced staff include:


Interior designers


Marine Biologists

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Artists and sculptors

No other company has the breadth of experience and knowledge as Ocean Aquarium.

Concept and Architectural Design

Imagine your journey through your dream aquarium. Our designers and architects can make your concept a reality. In collaboration with our planners, estimators and engineers we can quickly add value to the project by being able to anticipate many of the technical and biological challenges that these specialist projects present. Our in depth knowledge of specialist aquarium and zoo construction means that each project is guaranteed to be both unique and ideally suited to the inhabitants.


Construction Management

Aquariums and Zoos require a whole new set of complex construction methods in line with the needs of their inhabitants. Whether this is specialized concrete mixes and waterproofing or the use of non-toxic materials for the internal fit-out, you can be assured that our team of experts always have the welfare of the animals in mind.


Life Support Systems

LSS is the term given to the filtration and water recycling systems used in public and commercial aquaria. We have a complete team of mechanical engineers, aquaculture specialists, marine biologists and aquarium curators that ensure that the systems we design and install are uniquely suited to the animals they aquariums are to house. Nothing more, nothing less. Our automation specialists will make sure that each system has the correct amount of electronic automation and vigilance to ensure the safety and health of the occupants.


Artificial environments and Décor

Understanding the needs of both the inhabitants and the visitors allows us to design and build artificial environments that enrich the lives of both. Attention to detail and specific construction methods ensure beautiful exhibits that will last many years and provide perfect habitats for the occupants.


Interior design and landscaping

Visitor attractions also need spaces for public convenience, relax, restauration and for administration and operations. Our decades of experience in designing, building and operating these attractions allows us to seamlessly integrate these features to enhance the visitors experience and facilitate the management and operations team in their daily tasks. Working closely with the owners we can make real-time adjustments to designs with our competent and complete team of experts.


Livestock procurement and acclimation

Our zoologists and aquarium experts carefully choose species for the exhibits that they know will thrive in the artificial environment. Wherever possible species are selected that come from other similar facilities and that are born and raised in captivity. If the livestock is wild caught then we make sure that it comes from sustainable sources and that exhibiting the species will have a positive effect for the wild counterparts. We carefully ensure that all fish and other animals for our exhibits are transported, acclimated and quarantined to the highest internationally recognized standards. We understand that it is our duty to protect and properly maintain the animals in our care.


Operations and Maintenance

Nobody understands the operations and maintenance challenges of a facility better than the designers and builders. This is why we offer a comprehensive operations and maintenance service on our finished projects. Our experts are also available to teach and train your staff on the technical and biological services that each facility requires.


Investment Partners

Ocean Aquarium is constantly looking to build relationships with potential investors in this exciting and rapidly developing sector. We stand by our quality and can advise on the many facets of this type of business opportunity.


Safari Theming and Rockwork Production Facility

Our own artificial rockwork and theming factory in Eskişehir is at the forefront of constant development in artistic talents and technical skills. Working closely with our design and zoological services teams we can ensure that our designs are carried through to the final installation with nothing ‘lost to interpretation’.


Altinoluk Quarantine and Acclimation Facility

Located on the coast of the Aegean Sea our aquarium livestock holding and quarantine station supplies an international network of public aquaria with species from the Mediterranean region. We offer a wide variety of species that are carefully selected and cared for by our expert staff before being carefully packaged and shipped to aquariums worldwide.


Istanbul Quarantine and Acclimation Facility

At the ‘crossroads of the world’, Istanbul is an ideal location for the receiving and transporting of exotic fish and animals to other facilities worldwide. Not only can we treat and acclimate species for our projects but we also test and develop our own line of filtration products and additives.


Oceantech LSS and Sea Salt

Filtration and recirculation systems are key components in the aquarium. Fundamental to saltwater systems are protein skimmers and foam fractionators. After years of experience in this field, we have decided to work with OCEANTECH as our business and solution partner. Oceantech provides synthetic sea salt that is perfect for public aquarium use. OceanTech salt formula and OceanTech filtration components are in use worldwide.


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