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Public Aquarium and Zoos

Bringing nature to the city.

Over half the worlds population live in urban environments. By 2045 the number of people living in cities is expected to surpass 6 billion. Public aquarium and zoological facilities are critical for people of all ages to ‘re-connect’ with nature. An understanding of the natural world can only truly be achieved though experiencing it and with this experience comes the will to protect and conserve it.

Offering this experience to millions of people is not only a commitment to education and environmental awareness, it also an investment opportunity with seemingly unlimited returns.

The rising trend in living attractions

Public Aquaria serve a multi-functional purpose within the urban environment. They serve as a focal point for social interaction, a centre for social communication and a showcase for local government. Revenues generated both directly and indirectly from such attractions help build local and regional businesses. The attraction creates multiple revenue sources for the owners. Ticket sales, souvenir sales, restauration, functions, events and photoshoots are all realistic avenues for revenue streams. The trend now is for attractions that serve not only as destinations for day trippers but meeting places and regular outings for local families. Return visits are common and popular and new and exciting exhibits are continuously being added to entice the local population to return again and again. With more and more people having more leisure time these attractions make a perfect break from the day to day life of the city.

The Modern Aquarium

Our designs incorporate a number of different ‘storylines’ that cater to distinct demographics. The exhibits each have an educational component that focuses on the environment and conservation issues. The species selected for display are ambassadors for their wild counterparts and visitors to our aquariums have a unique opportunity to interact with wildlife and leave with a deeper appreciation of their natural habitats. Our designers are focused on providing habitats that most closely replicate the natural environment of the species in our care. This ensures that each one of the display species is free to live, behave, feed and reproduce as it would in the wild. Our aquarists and marine biologists along with an expert team of specialist veterinarians take care of our animals and ensure that they live long, healthy lives. Study and research of the animals in our care increases our knowledge of each species biology and this information is shared within the scientific community. A deeper understanding of the species needs and desires can help us understand the ways in which we can help the species in their natural environment.

New Generation Zoos

New generation zoos provide a visitor experience that is in harmony with the animals needs. There are no iron bars or ‘cages’ and the animals can be viewed either directly or thorugh clear glass or acrylic.  Spacious living quarters are designed to cater to the animals every need.  Landscaping and interior design includes spaces for privacy and rest away from the public and our designers incorporate features that for environmental enrichment. All conforming to and exceeding international zoo standards.

Replicating as best as possible each animals natural habitat includes the opportunity to showcase the natural biotopes which offers guests the possibility to appreciate and protect the environment and all the species living within it.

Rainforest ‘Biodomes’ and Aviaries

Totally enclosed spaces with controlled environments open the doors of an extraordinary experience for their visitors.  These attractions allow visitors into the animals environment and multi species exhibits with animals living together. Maintaining many species together creates an attraction where visitors can seek out the species on display and witness them interacting with each other as they would in nature. These are small scale reproductions of specific biotopes and can be geographically distinct.  African, South American or Asian rainforests with the same types of vegetation, animals, fish in the ponds and birds floating in the air, the visitors feel like they are in a real rainforest with its temperate and humid climate, admirable vegetation and living creatures and experience a unique natural adventure.

Reptile Houses

Reptiles and amphibians are often overlooked in their natural habitat. These often colourful and fascinating creatures spend the majority of their time hidden or deep in the forest undergrowth or canopy. Most species fair well in captivity and with their natural habitats threatened they become ambassadors for protecting the environment. We design each display to suit the particular species and pay particular attention to it’s biological needs and behaviour. We endeavour to ensure that each species is free to behave, feed and reproduce naturally and we make sure that we are contributing to the long term survival of the species within the international zoo networks. Our expert herpetologists are on hand for consultancy and operations assistance.

Swimming Encounters

Bringing people closer to nature is the goal of any modern zoo or aquarium. Imagine being able to swim with and interact with the fishes and animals in a major aquarium.

Swimming with sharks, coral reef fishes, Rays, Groupers and eels in a safe and controlled environment is the latest trend in aquarium design. Our specialists in aquarium design and biology can design a ‘swim-reef’ that combines all the excitement and adventure of the tropical ocean without the dangers associated with it. No need to travel to far off lands, buy or hire expensive diving equipment, wait for the right weather conditions. Just turn up and dive in! Our team can design, build and train your staff in operations. Indoor or outdoor facilities are possible.

Whale, Seal  and Dolphin Facilities

Our technical and biological staff have many years experience in the design and construction of Dolphinaria and whale pools. We have built Sea-Lion pools and Walrus facilities around the world. We can advise on all aspects of these technically challenging projects.

Flamingo and Other Bird Pools and Lakes

Ornamental birds and waterfowl are often a beautiful addition to parks, gold courses and private estates. We can advise on the design, construction and maintenance of these facilities. We can assist in the procurement of the birds and their upkeep and breeding.


Perhaps the most difficult wild animals to see and appreciate are penguins. Living naturally at the ‘ends of the earth’ these fascinating birds combine grace and agility underwater with a somewhat ungainly ‘comical’ look on land. Specific requirements for keeping penguins include air quality, cool temperatures and ultra-clear and clean water. Our staff have been involved in numerous major penguinarium projects and can provide all the knowledge and experience to make your penguin exhibit a success.

Outdoor Aquariums

In parks, gardens and theme parks outdoor aquarium are growing in popularity. Able to build larger constructions and interactive spaces is an advantage of outdoor spaces. Waterparks incorporate outdoor aquarium into the theme and traditional zoos are now combining aquaria as part of larger exhibits. Species combinations such as capybara, Hippos & crocodiles along with their natural fish cohabitants are becoming ever more popular.

Waterfall Aquariums

Providing  water in movement in parks and gardens uses a unique combination of aquatic engineering and detailed artistic construction.  Fishes for these exhibits are carefully chosen for their resistance to the water movement and their tolerance to changing conditions. . The information boards are placed near the aquarium stands to give the visitors detailed information regarding to the fishes and other creatures.

The filtration systems and other equipment are well hidden behind the waterfall ‘wall’.

Pools, Ponds and Artificial Lakes

In parks and public spaces natural looking aquatic environments that include ornamental  fish are becoming more and more popular. Themed lakes for Japanese Koi with architecture and landscaping complimenting the aquatic environment add a sense of beauty and peace to a park. Water features in golf courses add interest and become havens for local wildlife. We can help overcome all issues regarding water quality, flow and energy usage to ensure the most beautiful of water features. Swimming pools with transparent walls and windows, Infinity pools and overhanging pools are all within our ‘pool’ of expertize.

Home and Office Aquariums

Even in the home or office you can enjoy the beauty of nature in one of our custom built private aquariums. We take care of the design, construction, installation and, if you wish, maintenance and operations. There are no limits to the size and scope of private aquariums and our staff have done prestigious aquarium projects for royalty, VIPs and high net worth individuals throughout the world.

We are currently working on a range of standard VIP aquariums that will carry the OceanTech brand name that are a result of our decades of aquarium experience.

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