The Ocean Aquarium Difference

Design – Project management – Construction – Operations

Ocean Aquarium has specialized in materializing reflected upon attraction centers aiming to represent the natural life. It is the one and only company in Turkey and among the few companies in the world who can deliver large tonnage aquarium tanks, tunnel aquariums, animal shelters, special terrariums, natural life parks and zoos whose designs, projects, constructions and technical infrastructure have been completed together with the living creatures ready to be exhibited.

Architectural Design

We offer optimized and special architectural designs by considering our management experiences forged in more than a decade. The first step into the projects is to build original designs by using the terrain conditions in the best way possible and project designing phase is completed based on the already set out concept.

Construction Management

Ocean Aquarium knows that no matter how beautiful the building, the real stars of the show are the aquatic animals that live in the aquariums. So, whether it’s specialized concrete mixes and waterproofing or the use of non-toxic materials for the internal fit-out, you can be assured that our team of experts always has the welfare of the animals in mind.

Life Support Systems

Life Support Systems (LSS) are the backbone of every aquarium and comprise the filtration and water recycling systems used to ensure the health and wellbeing of aquatic animals. Ocean Aquarium employs a team of mechanical engineers, aquaculture specialists, marine biologists and aquarium curators that ensure the systems we design and install are perfectly suited to the animals in each exhibit.


Artificial Environments & Decor

Our designs are driven by a deep understanding of the needs of our aquatic animals and their visitors. This understanding demands detailoriented methods and specialized construction techniques which results in beautiful exhibits and nurturing habitats.

Aquarium Installations

The installation of individual aquariums takes place during the construction of the public aquarium structure.

Other Attraction Amenities

If desired, the complex may be enlarged by adding meeting rooms, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, all kinds of entertainment and shopping areas into the project. Leasing out these living quarters creates sources for the enterprises as well as ensures to provide knowledge, entertainment, shopping and taste to the visitors all at once enabling them to spend longer and more quality time in the facility.


Service and Maintenance

Ocean Aquarium offers a service and maintenance package to help ensure that Life Support Systems (LSS) continue to perform their required functions and maintain healthy habitats for the aquatic animals in each exhibit.

Aquatic Animal Procurement & Acclimation

Ocean Aquarium’s zoologists and aquatic experts carefully choose species for exhibits that thrive in artificial environments. Wherever possible, these species are captiveborn and transferred from other, similar facilities. Only if a captive-born animal is not available will we source wild-caught species and even then, only from partners with sustainable sourcing practices. We understand the responsibility we have to protect and properly care for the animals used in our exhibits and we carefully ensure that all aquatic animals are transported, acclimated and quarantined according to international standards.

ADEC™ Aquarium Products & Technologies

ADEC™ as an initiative of Ocean Aquarium, was founded by the experts who have long term experiences in constructing, designing, engineering public aquariums, producing filtration technologies and live fish husbandry with closed circulation system.

With wide range of experience, ADEC™ produces user friendly projects and life support equipment by evaluating them from both the operator and investor point of view during design and production. ADEC™, an Ocean Aquarium initiative has also the ability to design and produce OceanTech™ filters and protein percolators to ensure that aquatic habitats remain as natural as possible anywhere around the world. ADEC is also manufacturing prefabricated aquariums, compact life support systems, quarantine tanks, protein skimmers, LED lighting equipments, trickle filters, biofilters and ozone destructors.

SAFARI™ Wild Life Decorations

SAFARI specializes in production of outstanding wet and dry area decorations for aquariums, terrariums and zoos with custom designed products, closest to its natural characteristics.These special products are already preferred in big projects, all around the world.

All products are selected and co-produced by biologists and aquarists regarding best environmental specifications of the species which will be exhibited. The decoraitons are molded by expert sculptors and poured with special compounds by ceramic artists. Then coloured by expert painters. These decorations can also be delivered on site by SAFARI’s special field teams, including final touches. All the products manufactured by SAFARI are created sensitively by special materials which does not affect the animals nor the delicate values of theri habitat.

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