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Public Aquariums

Rising Trend of the Brand Cities & Shopping Malls

Whether the investment is in a large public aquarium complex as a center of attraction or a mid-size aquarium as an additional value to a shopping mall, the attraction power and prestige they provide create long term ROI through entrance fees, souvenirs, photos and restaurants. These additional revenue generators enable enable visitors with an option of a full day of activities and attractions to entertain themselves. Whether it is families enjoying playground areas and food/beverages or business groups utilizing special meeting rooms, the aquarium complex provides visitors with the functionality they need while they experience the visuallystimulating underwater display.

Aquarium Complexes provide returns on any financial investments from eeach corner of the uniquely designed center.

Not Just An Entertainment Destination

Ocean Aquarium’s attractions and exhibits come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to do more than just educate and entertain. Key amenities like private meeting rooms not only provide additional streams of revenue, they also enhance the image of the complex. Whether it’s a school field trip, a romantic evening or an important meeting, everyone can find something at a public aquarium. These multi-functional facilities are beneficial to not only local communties but also to tourist attractions.

The educational experience of Ocean Aquarium can be limitless, from regional to exotic attractions with creatures in habitats such as lakes, rivers, creeks and seas all around the world. Visitors not only soak up the knowledge about these unique animals, but also relish in the magnificent visual experience as they are submersed in their habitats through Tunnel Aquariums. Visitors get an up-close and personal experience with these creatures in their habitats as they walk through underwater tunnels.

Swimming & Touch Pools, Educational Concepts

Aquarium Swimming Pools feature large, open spaces where visitors and their guides interact with docile aquatic animals. Whether it’s feeding a friendly shark or swimming with tropical fish, this exhibit brings the feeling of the open ocean to your attraction facility. Touch pools are the most intimate experiences guests can have at a public aquarium. From shallow exhibits featuring starfish, crabs and coral to deeper, semi-open aquariums that house harmless sharks and rays, Ocean Aquarium’s touch pools are customdesigned to amaze and delight the visitors.

Penguins & Arctic Bird

Who can resist a bird in a tuxedo? Arctic bird exhibits are often the most popular attractions and one of the most difficult to design. The climate and life support systems must be calibrated perfectly to allow these Antarctic animals to flourish in their environment and Ocean Aquariums works hard to provide the perfect habitat for these amazing creatures.

Beluga Whale, Dolphin and Seal Pools

Beluga whale, dolphin and seal pools having special designs and filtration systems may be installed and become operative anywhere around the world. Beluga whales, dolphins and seals, one prettier than the other, may be exhibited in separate tanks or together in the same tank. Ocean Aquarium may also provide service and maintenance of these special species and their aquatic environments upon request.

Outdoor & Waterfall Aquariums

By selecting species that thrive in changing temperature environments, Ocean Aquarium offers outdoor exhibits where visitors can learn and observe creatures in their natural habitat. The incorporation of waterfalls enhances not only the aesthetic experience but the water in movement creates soothing sounds, adding immeasurable value to your park. As an expansion project or secondary focal point, these aquariums provide color and variety to any amusement complex.

Special Design Projects

Ocean Aquarium challenges the boundaries of imagination with its architectural elements and ingenuity. Our development of complex and large-scale aquatic projects like the transparent acrylic rooftop aquarium in Turkey and the world’s largest aquarium in Turkmenistan, have given us the experience to turn your unique concept into an awe-inspiring and successful attraction.

New Generation Zoos

A Place Where You Can Experience The Wilderness

Unlike traditional zoos, New Generation Zoos, Wildlife and Safari Parks allow visitors to gather closely with the exhibited living creatures separated only by glass and acrylic panels. Without the use of any iron bars, the visitors experience a more intimate connection with the wilderness. These transparent surfaces are integrated with special security features that provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both the visitors and the wild creatures. Not only are the wildlife areas secure, but they are also very spacious and comfortable, having been designed based on the individual needs of each creature. Maintaining these natural environments is extremely important and all the wildlife areas provide specific decorations, landscaping, shelters and activities that accurately depict habitats and promote activity and longevity. We design these areas artfully to provide visitors with a beautiful visual experience as well. Some of the natural life parks offering different scenery and concepts are African Savannah, Canyons in the United States, and Egyptian Desert. These New Generation Zoos are becoming the new standard, replacing traditional “iron bar” zoos worldwide.

Tropical Reptile Houses

The most poisonous, interesting and colorful creatures

Tropical Reptile Houses exhibit the world’s most deadly, colorful, exotic and reclusive species including poisonous snakes, amphibians, scorpions, spiders, reptiles and other unusual creatures. These special complexes are designed to incorporate elements of these creatures’ natural habitats and provide visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of exotic creatures living on land and/or in water in one impressive exhibit.

Equipped with customizable special security systems for both creatures and visitors, the Tropical Reptile House provides safe spaces in which visitors can experience the beauty and danger of the world’s reptiles. In addition to the design and supply of the Tropical Reptile House, Ocean Aquarium also offers ongoing facility maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of these wonderful creatures.

Rainforests Aviaries & Butterfly Parks

The Most Exotic, Delicate And Gentil

Bird and Butterfly Parks transport visitors to realistic African, South American or Asian rainforests. In these replica forests, visitors get the true temperate or tropical rainforest experience while walking among exotic creatures and vegetation. In this truly immersive adventure, an unbelievable variety of flora and fauna- -including birds, fish and butterflies–work together to create a unique and exhilarating experience.

These special complexes completely designed in accordance with the climate and life conditions of the rain forests in totally closed areas open the doors of an extraordinary experience for their visitors. The most important features of the rain forests are unbelievable variety of their flora and fauna and many different species living together. In these small scale natural environments designed as replicas of the African, South American or Asian rainforests with the same types of vegetation, animals, fish in the ponds and birds floating in the air, the visitors feel like they are in a real rainforest with its temperate and humid climate, admirable vegetation and living creatures and experience a unique natural adventure.

Wild Cat Parks

The Wildest & The Most Beautiful

Wild Cat Parks offer a unique, face to face experience with largest exotic cats of the world. Among the majestic wild cats featured in these parks are lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. These large predators are frequently the most popular creatures in zoos all over the world. In Wild Cat Parks, visitors experience close encounters with their favorite wildlife creatures in a safe environment using specialty glass walls. These design and safety measures are far more aesthetically appealing than the unsightly electrified wire nettings and distant shelters that are typical of traditional zoos.

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